Reusable bags branded and circulated eco friendly

The shift in how we as consumers think about plastic waste has been drastically changing over the past couple of years. When stores, communities, and entire countries turn the focus to sustainability and low waste, products like custom reusable bags are thrust into the spotlight. Now that we are all bringing our own grocery bags along to the shops it represents an amazing opportunity to not only encourage a reusable lifestyle, but to stand behind it, by putting your organization’s logo on the bags that you and your customers carry.  

People have to use these material bags in all of our New Zealand’s supermarkets, so having this as part of your branding strategy will be incredible in increasing your brands reach. The very reason for having them is that they will be used repeatedly for an extended period of timeReusable bags are so prevalent in our society, and there is lots of choices in our range. It can’t hurt to get your brand seen by all those income spenders as they carry their supermarket food and other purchases back to their homes. 

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