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Wouldn’t it be great to know the techniques used by the world’s best salesman as recorded in the Guinness World Records?

His name is Joe Girard, and he holds the Guinness World Record for being the world’s best salesman! He did it be selling a total of 13,001 cars at a Chevrolet dealership between 1963 and 1978 causing him to be recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the seller of the most cars in a year (1,425 in 1973). What’s one Joe sold the cars at retail price, one at a time with no bulk fleet deals.

So, what is the secret to his success?

One of the stand-out things that Joe did was to keep in touch with his customers constantly. He sent a personalised mailed item to his entire list of customers every month.

He did this because he wanted his customers to open the item, see his name and the positive message and feel-good inside. By the end of his career, Joe was sending out 13,000 mailers each month! He had so many people wanting to buy cars from him that they had to make an appointment beforehand to do so.

Half of all salespeople give up after just one contact with their prospective customer. And they only follow up via phone and email. There are so many unique and marvellous ways to reach out to them and let them know you want to solve their problem (hint: promotional products are a great way to reach out this way).

Joe knew this and he decided to stay in touch with his clients constantly. One way he did this was by using bulk direct mail, by sending out a card and small gift with a personal message included he let his potential clients know he still wanted their business. Using direct mail is a very feasible way to stay in touch with all your customers, without it taking up all your time because you can outsource it.

When you give value in advance of the customer buying anything from you, this builds trust. Most customers won’t be interested in buying from you right away. Mail them something of value regularly to stay in touch and position yourself as an expert in your industry. Be sure to be in contact frequently, otherwise the prospect will likely forget you and they will lose interest in dealing with you.

Just like Joe Girard, you can keep in front of your clients, keep them engaged, and keep them thinking about your offering with a direct mail strategy. If you do this, history shows that you will eventually get the sales opportunity to sell to that person. Over time you can build a huge pipeline of potential customers who will have you at the top of mind when they are ready to buy.

If you want to learn more about the power of sending a personal message to your clients please feel free to read our blog on that topic.

The best part about implementing a direct mail strategy is that you have already convinced them that they need to buy from you. You have won their trust. This growing list of contacts and the relationship you have with them, will become the most valuable asset to your business.

We can help you set up a direct mail campaign to help kick start your pipeline! Contact us today to discuss your target market and what we can do together to increase your sales to be nearer the Joe Girard level!

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