Rebranding tips from the promotional product specialists

Are you thinking of rebranding?

Your customers brand loyalty could be your organisation’s most valuable asset. Having a good brand shapes the perception of your product or service offering and is the key to positively influencing the buying behaviour of your clients.

We love branding! So, if your brand is feeling like it needs a refresh we would love to help. Having just done a rebrand ourselves we value rebranding as an investment. One that, if done properly, will positively impact the businesses bottom line for years to come. Rebranding enables you to attract better fitted customers, hold more market authority, and at times can allow you to ask for higher prices for your products or services. Furthermore, increased customer loyalty, market leadership, and brand equity position you for an exponential return on investment.

Marketing Managers dedicate a lot of time to rebranding a business. Once it’s ready to launch, why not launch it with style! Active can supply all the required stationery, catalogues, signage and promotional products to make your rebrand a success. We know the best, most effective ways to let your customers know who the new you is!

But don’t just take our word for it…

“As a global company in the process of adopting a new brand, we have needed our suppliers to readily adapt to our changing needs. Active has met this challenge, with very friendly and efficient customer service, and on time delivery for all of our orders. The customer service team at Active is very responsive and excellent to deal with, and the production team was really great at getting everything sorted along with last minute delivery changes.” –  Toni, MWH

Here’s some marketing basics that we can get ticked off together in your rebrand…

  • Branding Guidelines printing
  • Reverse Logo art created
  • One colour Logo art created
  • Business Cards printed
  • Branded Stationery
  • Product Labels & Packaging
  • Flags
  • Uniforms
  • Client Gifts
  • Umbrella’s
  • Caps & Beanies
  • New branded merchandise ideas
  • Calendars & Diaries
  • Company Brochures & Catalogue printing
  • and so much more…

Contact us today to get our branding specialists on your rebrand project!

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