We all know the value of business gifting, and we all know it’s always a good idea to show your clients and staff your gratitude. The question is, how important is it is to include in your marketing mix? The short answer is that it’s very important to business growth. Here’s why.

Showing your clients you care about them and appreciate them with a branded gift that is thoughtfully chosen will make a direct positive impact on your revenue. This is because sales generates nearly x2 as much revenue when the company distributes a gift at the onset of negotiations. And not to mention, rewarding high-performing customers will make them want to stay around.

So who wants to increase their revenue? Through understanding the attitudes, and expectations of your target market we are able to help you maximize the ROI of your business gifting to grow your business.

Make them useful

Choose a gift that will be highly useful through the eyes of your recipients. You want your gesture to be thoughtful and personal, so skip the gift card this time. It’s like telling your client that you can’t be bothered thinking about what they really want, and would rather stick to generic, surface-level handouts.

Creating human-like connections throughout your customer base is next to impossible through using only digital channels. That’s why sending a truly meaningful gift is so important. Engaging your customers (and staff) by sending gifts offline will reflect the sincerity of your interest in doing your best by them and make them want to deal with you.

It’s better to give quality than quantity when it comes to business gifts. An idea that never fails no matter the target market is to package the branded useful item with shareable gourmet food, creating a themed gift experience. For example, pair your branded cheeseboard and cheese knife set with crackers and fig jam. Pair your branded travel backpack with jerky and trail mix. Pair your branded coffee tumbler with gourmet coffee bean packets in a box. You get the idea…

Make it personal

Staying connected and keeping engaged with your customers is even more important now, since most are working remotely and onsite rep visits are few and far between. Personalized gifts build customer loyalty and increases brand retention, all while demonstrating that you value them.

Writing a personally-addressed note does wonders for how your gift is received. Despite this a staggering number of companies don’t include a hand-written note with their gifts. Giving gifts provides an opportunity to add significant value to your relationship with the recipient, so don’t miss your chance of this by making the gift feel like a bulk handout.

Gifting is also an opportunity to showcase your brand’s values. For example, New Zealand made gifts are the best way to showcase your support to businesses in this country and helps to strengthen our economy. They also have a higher perceived value when gifting to NZ clients.

How much to spend?

How much to spend per client depends a lot on your target market and their preferences. You should never spend any less on the gifts than what your target market expects you to spend, this will ensure your gifts aren’t a disappointment. The more you can tell us about your gift recipients the better we will be able to pinpoint the item and amount needed per person.

Approximate spend guide from $50 – $150 as follows:

  • $50 – $65 for your Junior-level business partners.
  • $75-$100 for your Manager or Director level business partners.
  • $140 –$190 for your CEO clients, VPs, and your most valued clients.

As it gets higher it may seem like a lot to spend on one client relationship to some, but remember 94% of top executives believe gifts facilitates a deeper personal connection and are important to business success. It won’t go unnoticed and you will reap the rewards in revenue.

So where to start now?

Choosing the perfect gift for each of your best clients can be daunting, stressful and expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. You don’t have to drive yourself crazy searching for the perfect gift. Before you plan your company’s gift-giving strategy, contact us for some personalised gifting ideas and options that will fit your specific target market. You can then send them with complete confidence and stand out among all the other corporate gifts being sent this year.

Working with us means you get to deal with real people, and our staff are the best of the best in gifting and love to create beautifully branded items that showcase your brand.

Whether it’s a gift to welcome a new client, to thank customers for their referrals or to simply show your appreciation, our corporate gifting options keep your client relationships fresh and memorable.

But don’t just take our word for it…

“We have been dealing with Active since 2007 to source our branded gifts. We really appreciate the way they help us by selecting a range of items that are relevant to us and our clients. They are proactive and helpful, without being pushy. The products are well received and we see them in use every day giving us great brand exposure.”

Kevin | Accredo

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