Branded packaging turns the moment of delivery into a special and tangible encounter with a brand for your online customers. It leaves your customers with a lasting positive impression and helps to unlock their brand loyalty.

If you only view packaging as a means to get your goods from A to B, then you are missing out on a huge opportunity to influence the perception of your brand.

Creating an unboxing experience involves thinking through the emotions of your target market as they open the packaging to see your product for the first time. It is elements such as bold branded packaging, free samples, personal hand written notes, branded gifts and so on, which turns the unpacking of an online order into a moment to be cherished.

You can’t craft a positive and meaningful unboxing with no brand presence included. Your identity as a brand is what turns the exercise into an epic brand storytelling. This is why branded packaging is a vital ingredient to create experiences that encourage repeat business. You customers will be wanting to share their positive experience by posting about it to their friends on social media networks and word of mouth and placing repeat orders before you know it.

According to Dotcom Distribution, 45% of consumers say that ‘gift-like’ packaging makes a brand appear more upscale. This proves that providing a premium unboxing experience massively shapes your customers’ perception of your brand. Almost half your customers will effectively reassessing your brand as a premium one.

Having branded packaging is a clever visual pitch that speaks of the customer experience you offer as a brand. It also gets your products in front of hundreds of new eyes as your current customers share their experiences online, creating a ton of free publicity for you.

A bug part of delivering a memorable unboxing experience is including promotional products in the mix. This adds an element of surprise to the package and will delight your target audience further. A branded promotional item will increase their perception of your brand and your customer service levels because you have successfully made them feel valued.

When this is paired with a branded gift or promotional item the package will evoke feelings of anticipation and excitement that we get when receiving Christmas or birthday gift.

To build lasting brand loyalty, you need to show that you are willing to go the extra mile for your customers. The time investment that goes into creating an attractive promotional product range is a sure sign of a brand that values its customers and wants to impress them, going above and beyond what is expected of them. Showing how much you value your clientele is an essential part of building brand loyalty and trust.

The external packaging is the obvious area for your branding. After all, when your customer receives their order you want them to know immediately who it’s from. This will help to build anticipation for the rest of the unboxing and ensures maximum engagement with your brand from the start.

It is the internal branding space that is often overlook in packages. By being the brand that utilizes this space to tell your brand story you can triple the impact on the end user and further reinforce your brand as the thought leader in your industry.

In essence, you are showing customers that they are worth the time investment. There is no better way to build a personal connection with your audience than on these foundations. Smaller businesses can capitalize on their closeness to the order fulfilment process even more by including personalized hand written notes with their customer orders.

We would love to help you use branded products and packaging to increase brand engagement and secure more return customers even while using contactless delivery. Contact our team today via email or phone to up your branded packaging impact and create meaningful unboxing experiences.


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