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Promotional consultants will work with buyers of promotional products to develop solutions to marketing challenges through the innovative use of promotional products.

We work with our clients, as extension of their team to find solutions and develop high quality products. Internally, we work together to share resources and come up with new ideas that suit your specific target market.

Some companies have it as company policy to get pricing from 3 companies every time they need a new product. The pressure that puts on the marketing person is more than you think. The time it takes to shopping around online for the product you are after is a lot of time down the drain. Promo companies should be working for you, not the other way around.

To avoid becoming a slave to finding the cheapest option, let us do that dirty work for you. We are pros at pinpointing what products in the promo industry would be best suited to your needs and we stretch our many resources to find you the best bang for your buck. You know that you would rather be spending your time on customer centric activities and on those marketing tasks which can’t be outsourced as effectively, so we have your back!

As promotional consultants we are experts at comparing product quality and materials used to get you the most efficient product, often the cheaper option is because they are a less durable and won’t last long or reflect well on your brand. We have the advantage of accessing product samples and comparing products to find the best fit for your brand before we send you the proposal.

Mitigate future risks to your company by using our global supply chain expertise, we take the risks for you and work out all the logistics from our end. We are continually improving the relationships and manufacturing ability of our supply chain and are here to help you bring out the customised product of your choice.

We understand that the products we supply our clients are a reflection on their business, that is why we go to great lengths to ensure your products are a high standard and the print quality is perfect every time – to wow your clients. We are all about making the inspirational happen. Our ever-evolving collection of products is paired with our in-house experts, always on hand to provide guidance. Allowing us to have constantly improving service for you so you can focus on other aspects of your marketing mix.

If you want great service, great ideas from expert marketers and the guarantee that your promotional products will be supplied perfectly every time, then it’s a no brainer to use a promotional consultant. Contact our team today to get your project started and the ideas flowing!

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