How to Execute Effective Gifting Programmes

Are you sometimes overwhelmed with the thought of splitting the budget in too many directions to accommodate for a truly effective client gifting scheme? Well, here’s the ways you can get exponential better results from your gifting with that same budget…

Know your objectives

Are you aiming to:

  1. Increase your web traffic
  2. Increase your social media leverage
  3. Build brand awareness
  4. Fast-track the buying process
  5. Research a new target market
  6. Give further incentive to buy
  7. Acquire new customers
  8. Reinforce your existing business relationships
  9. Promote your new product launch
  10. Increase company goodwill

Generally, the most popular objective that marketers have when it comes to client gifting it is to reinforce their existing business relationships through showing appreciation of past purchases.


Divide and Conquer

Split A, B and C level customers and prioritize your gifting (whether it’s at the end of year or not) by satisfying your most valued customer first. It might seem like a lot of work to categorise your clients like this but when it’s organised and executed correctly, this tactic is so much more effective. It means your top customers feel more valued and special, which will deepen the trust in your relationship with them.


It’s the 80/20 Principle – once again

The 80/20 principle seems to come up everywhere in marketing, and this tactic is no exception. If you divide your clients into the top 20% highest spenders or with the most potential to spend. These customers deserve a higher value gift, to deepen the relationship. Split the budget to focus 80% of your spend available on the top 20%. For the other 80% of your clients not in the top 20% giving low budget items will be sufficient to keep your brand top of mind and keep your existing relationship moving forward. This way you are offering the clients that are giving you the greatest returns better gifts, while still keeping within your budget.


Bonus Tips and Tricks to keep to your budget

Choose items with a higher perceived value in the wider market. For example, high-end metal vacuum insulated bottles retail for around $25 – $50 each at a sports shop, as branded gifts you can get the same quality for about half the price of the retail stores.

Package deals are readily available, all it takes is pre-planning. Even though you will be ordering different items at lower quantities the package deal allows you the freedom to get the bulk discounts to bring the total order within the budget. It’s really the promotional company’s job to give you the ideas and strategies that will work best for your specific customers.

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