send a personalized notes with your branded gifts

Writing an effective personal message to your clients is a very feasible way to stay in touch with them, without it taking up all your time.

You can keep in front of your clients, keep them engaged, and keep them thinking about your offering with a note sent in the mail. Almost no businesses do this so it really helps you stand apart and makes the recipient feel valued. When they see your handwritten positive message you will be making them to feel good inside.

Over time you can build a huge pipeline of potential customers who will have you at the top of mind when they’re ready to buy. Sending a value adding parcel with a personal note also gives you another avenue to contact them through other than email or phone, and gets you connected without being pushy or appearing to pestering them, which is definitely not how you want to come across. That’s why you should ALWAYS send a personal note, especially with gifts to your clients.

The reality is that over half of business gift recipients report receiving a gift without a personal note included. This is the single most powerful – and possibly the cheapest – thing you can do to create a lasting personal connection with your client.

Are you at a loss for what to say?

This guideline will help you get the job done:

personalised note example

  1. Name something specific to your recipient here, such as…
  • Contributing to the project
  • Helping the company achieve a business goal
  • Being a valued customer
  1. Tell them what’s special about your gift, such as…
  • How you see them using it
  • What made you think they’d like it
  • Why YOU liked it
  1. Point to the future here, something like…
  • Continuing to support you
  • Working with you in the future
  • Getting to know you better
  1. Use the occasion itself as the sign off to avoid any awkwardness, for example…
  • Happy Holidays
  • Congratulations
  • Welcome to the company

Of course, when you have more time there’s a lot more you can do but, in a pinch, if you do only these things and use their name, your gift will be a success.

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