In today’s world consumers are inundated with advertising messages and salesy pitches. The challenge for businesses is to find a way to cut through this barrage of messages and form a genuine connection with their target market.

This is the digital age where everybody is working via email and online, which is such a relief in so many ways. Excite and delight your prospects by sending unusual shaped mail direct to their office desk or work location. Take it to the next level and WOW them with a ‘shock and awe’ package. This is a package loaded with unique and benefit-laden resources and surprises…

Examples of what to include are:

  • A handwritten note or cover letter
  • Industry relevant books
  • USB’s including testimonials etc from your company
  • Promo items
  • A quality branded gift
  • Company brochures
  • Relevant whitepapers
  • Product samples

The list goes on, but this will give you the idea…

You probably think this is too old school, but direct mailing can get great cut through, It works particularly well if you’re working with B2B prospects, and if you’re targeting new potential clients that you’ve already qualified.

These ‘shock and awe’ packages are a great for getting past gatekeepers and attracting attention. It does have to have a luxury feel to make the most impact, so it feels like a real gift. When you want to stand out from your competition and create a winning campaign this is a great tactic to try.

Multi-channel campaigns work best

To get the best results from this, integrate this direct mail campaign with other marketing mediums for a seamless relationship building strategy. Even if you just follow this up with a quick call or an email it will impress your prospect and show them that you value their business.

Get personalised

Just a short simple handwritten message popped into your package, can show them you’re thinking of them and still value the relationship. Additionally it’s a good idea to add in a discount code or redeemable voucher so it’s easier to track how much the ROI is for this marketing campaign.

Do it in advance. Get enough packages created to send out to the full years’ worth of new prospects. It’s more cost-effective that way, but also feels personal and builds goodwill. Almost nobody does this, and there’s a lot of value in just showing up in your prospect’s lives.

We hope this got you thinking about what you can do to WOW your new clients and customers. Let us help you make your mark on your target market and make the most impact you can. If you want to get experts involved, schedule a call and let’s get designing your lead converting ‘shock and awe’ package today!