High end branded products have really taken off in 2019! Gone are the days of the cheap and cheerful. Now it’s all about sustainable products that are useful, last longer, and offer a higher return on investment with the increased brand exposure they provide.

Go for longevity 

Instead of products that ends up in landfill just months after it’s been branded people are consciously opting for high quality items. We encourage all our clients to go for products with longevity over those with a short-range life span. Our range has been expanded with new quality products that will be loved and cherished by your target market for years to come.

Want to demonstrate your sustainability?

End users have become more eco-conscious and there’s been a huge increase in the use of natural fibres and finishes to meet that demand. There is so much more cork, bamboo, timber and even rice husk products than ever before and they look and feel amazing. These are products we are proud to brand up for you, and we’re sure your customers will appreciate the positive impact that your choices are making on the environment as well.

Choose your branding technique wisely

Stunning new logo branding techniques have developed together with the re-emergence of old methods like embossing that shout quality in an understated way. Many brands are taking influence from the retail industry and creating small masterpieces of graphic design, to make the message more captivating and to make the finished product even more attractive and valuable.

Get Creative, yet concise

Having attractive graphics is important as it adds to the quality look of the finished product, instead of taking its finesse away with an ugly print. Branding needs to be clear and concise, too much text will discourage people from reading the message.

Premium Products all the way

We have hand-picked a curated collection of the best gifting items out there, and put them into our Premium Products Summer 2020 catalogue for your perusal. We can’t wait to hear your thoughts about this new range, and get you sorted with your most impressive Christmas gifts yet!