streamlined branded order process

Have you’ve been asked to come up with something totally unique? We are all wanting a product that absolutely captivates the attention of our target market. At Active Print sourcing these kinds of products for you is our most versatile service. 

Not only can you customise the product, but ordering in larger quantities will help you save money. What could be better than getting a unique one-of-a-kind product that fits within your company budget and is perfectly suited to your target market? Let us bring your ideas to life! 

Our simple custom order process: 

  1. Brief us with what you want.

Help us to help you! Give us as much details as possible so we can interpret your requirements quickly and accurately. We can help you with the design of your custom product or idea generation if you need more inspiration.  

  1. We will supply a visual along with a proposal.

We understand the importance of quoting quickly so we will endeavour to get the proposal through to you by 2 business days with visuals if required. 

  1. If you love what you see, we will process your order. 

We speed up the order placement process by confirming with you the item colours and any other details neededthe quantity, price and required delivery date, all from the outsetWhen approving your order don’t forget to include your artwork and PMS colours so we can get the production team started as soon as possible. 

  1. You will receive a sample of your product before the bulk of the branding takes place. 

To make sure we’ve for it right for you our factory will produce a sample for your approval prior to production if required.  

  1. Once approved, it’s all go for production…

The next step once the sample is approved is getting on with production! Whether your design is straightforward or elaborate, our well-established branding factories are ideally placed to produce great quality products within a tight time frame.  

  1. We deliver your stunning product!  

We use the most reliable carriers available to deliver your order on time. Orders can be shipped via air freight or sea freight depending on your time frame. This will all be agreed on prior, in the order approval stage. 


Our whole order process is designed to be as streamlined as possible so that it’s easy for you to sign everything off on the go. Remember to discuss your event date with us and we will do all we can to meet it and keep you in the loop all the way through.  

We can’t wait to get your project started! Talk to us today and we’ll get yours underway. 

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