We’ve been thinking on how sales and marketing will likely be affected by the current crisis going forward. Staying connected matters more now than ever before.

The team at Active has been talking to many marketing managers around New Zealand over the last few weeks. Helping them find solutions to help them achieve their targets without having to rely on the usual trade shows and events to attract new leads.

It is predicted events and trade shows will be cancelled for the next 6-12 months, and that reps won’t be able to travel to see customers for a while yet. Therefore, it makes sense that the budgets for those events be repurposed to target your customers and prospects in a more direct way, via a coordinated marketing program. Don’t worry this solution isn’t complicated – we will spell it out for you.

It is now possible to get your customers engaged and educated about your products from afar by getting the Trade-show-in-a-box mailed directly to their site. Your customers will be able to immerse themselves in the physical experience of your product or service without your reps having to step a foot in their door.
We suggest sending a branded package like this to your top 20% of potential customers, this will help you attract the best results, and possibly generate a greater return on investment than your usual events.

Custom packages work wonders when sent to support the following types of marketing campaigns:

  • Approaching New Leads
  • Encourage existing customers to reorder
  • New Product Launch
  • Re-brand Launch
  • Training Webinars and much more…

Add some extra hype and physical interaction to your company’s zoom calls and virtual events! Imagine everyone on the zoom call wearing your branded cap. Your product samples, brochures and other marketing material can be added in the package so attendees have them sitting right in front of them as well.

The most important thing to do is to stay connected to your customers at the moment. It helps your strategy to understand the challenges they face and keep ahead of what needs to evolve in your industry.

A targeted marketing program like this will help provide structure to your ‘work from home/ in office’ sales team. The importance of direct mail strategies backed up by proper follow up from your sales team is increasing tenfold as we combat the changes the current crises has brought on the work force. This solution provides a way for you to still be social with your customers, to keep them engaged and thinking about your offering, but from a safe distance.

Example Pack



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