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Sustainably and eco-friendly products is a consumer driving trend which has changed the shape of the promotional products industry for the better over the years. Every promotional product tells the receiver a story about the brand and message on it, so it’s more important than ever before to choose the right ones.

In today’s global marketplace brands can access all the cheap promos and gimmicks that they could possibly dream of from China, but do you really want them? Giving away cheap imports is not serving your brand in a positive way. It is basically self-sabotage to give away cheap items with your brand on it because it lowers the customers perception of your brand.

We do know that a tangible branded product, especially in today’s virtual world, is a powerful marketing tool. Consumers are bombarded by digital advertising messages every day, but promotional products stand alone. A print ad, an internet pop-up or a television ad all interrupt and distract consumers. But a promotional product engages and is welcomed by the consumer and then integrated into their lifestyle. In fact, it’s the only marketing medium that the consumer says thank you for. No other marketing channel is as engaging as a physical encounter with a brand, and in an increasingly digital world this really stands out.

The brands that work with us know they must do something unique and compelling to attract and delight their customers. That’s a smart move, and we avoid supplying products that the target market won’t value or want in their lives because we view that is not being sustainable.

It is essential that promotional products reflect the values of your brand and line up with what your company stands for. When choosing a promotional product with you, we like to think about what your customers enjoy…is it playing golf, exploring outdoors, trying new foods? By focusing on what your customers want from you as a brand and finding branded products that answer that we have found is the best way to improve the sustainability of your branded merchandise range.

In today’s marketing arena millennials are preferring promotional products that can be handed along when they cease using them themselves. They are very conscious of their impact on the environment so swopping out your one-time-use products to something that will be handed along will really make your customers happy. This means that your high-quality branded products will be around for a lot longer than they used to be and seen by a lot more eyes when done right.

With 79% of person’s passing along promotional products* that are no longer valuable to themselves, it tells us that choosing products that will really make an impression on those that receive them and focusing on quality over quantity is the future of this industry.

Let’s create extraordinary brand experiences together that last! Contact us today to get your sustainable merchandise range started and those ideas flowing.

*stats from the 2019 consumer study. Read more about it here.

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