Post-covid marketing strategy

Post-Covid marketing channels.

In this Post-Covid world there is much more digital and contactless interaction where clients can’t physically be in front of their customers. as a result consumers have learned to ignore most forms of advertising.

This presents a unique opportunity to use promo products to create lasting connections! There is something unique about receiving a physical item that you can touch, feel, and actually use, that far exceeds the impact of a TV commercial or search ad. In fact, consumers are nearly 2.5x more likely to have a positive opinion of promotional products compared to Internet advertising.

Promotional products bring you closer to your customer by helping you nurture their loyalty and trust and strengthening your relationships. Reach beyond the digital space with real tangible marketing that builds trust. Let Active activate your brand story and sales targets alike by rethinking your customer buyer journey to reflect the realities of the Post-Covid marketplace.

Get your webinar attendance boosted.

Since Covid came to the marketplace, a question we often get from our clients is “How do we reallocate our events budget when events made up the source of such a large chunk of our new leads?” Our answer is to keep customers engaged with webinars instead. Even though your physical event is cancelled, make it virtual and provide added value that way. You can be a lot more targeted with this approach and it makes your customers feel instantly valued because it feels like one-on-one time that you are giving to them.

With virtual events there usually just is not the same excitement and intrigue surrounding them and it can be difficult to secure the time in your customer’s busy schedule. That is why we are supplying branded webinar activation boxes to our clients! These branded boxes were created to hold all your learning resources needed on the webinar along with branded stationery, and a cap, notebook, or mug inside. The result is that the attendees are excited about attending your webinar and show up smiling and prepped for your meeting.

For all the events there ever were, the merch that we sourced for your attendees was never an afterthought, it was the star of the show! And virtual events are no different. By partnering with us will get your audience equipped for learning all about your offering.

These kit boxes drive buzz and engagement around your offering and can really make the recipients day because it feels like you have showered them with gifts. With a boxed kit of marketing materials and fun branded products you have a versatile direct mail platform that can help you effectively launch new products from, showcase your case studies, demonstrate your thought leadership, and so much more, all virtually.

We help you use promotional products to take an effective direct marketing approach which is proven to get you the best results, rather than blanket brand promotions. This will save you money and be more effective in reaching your specific target market.

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