In 2019, face to face events such as field days have been gaining increasing popularity as a marketing strategy. In fact, 41% of marketers believe that events are the most effective marketing channel over digital advertising, email marketing and content marketing.

They represent invaluable opportunity to meet face to face with your customers and prospects, and present an avenue for increasing brand recognition and market share.

Define your goals for the event

For your event to be a success, you need to define what your metrics for success are. It’s difficult to measure how successful your use of branded products was if you don’t know what you are trying to achieve by using them at the event.

Set a budget for your event

Set a budget that you can stick to, then prioritize where your funds are most needed based on your goals for the event. For example, if one of your key goals is to get your brand name out there, having business cards and branded products for attendees to remember you by will help to build your brand’s reputability.

Do something different

To get people’s attention you’ll need to stand out from all the other exhibitors in attendance. With an unlimited number of choices of branded gifts out there, we help you to think outside the box and to show your brands’ personality in your chosen giveaways and promotions.

Getting down to the nitty-gritty of what your target audience would want can be hard, that’s where companies like us can help though. Let’s get you standing out and get creative, we can help to steer you away from all this normal and dreary branded product that attendees get loaded with, so that YOU are the ones they remember!

Depending on what your product offering is and what your customers’ needs are, we put options together that will compliment your offering. Active has the experts to help you think outside the box and get that perfect giveaway on your stand that your target audience will love and come flocking for.

There’s no excuse for no follow up 

These events are all about building up client relationships. Fast track the progress of your relationship with new clients and build their trust by sending them a gift and a thank you note when the event is over. This will create impact and leave the recipient feeling appreciated. It will also help your business to cut through the clutter of the email follow ups that exhibitors ordinarily use.

Final word on creating impact

Being present at events and exhibiting is a great way to enhance your brand recognition and position yourself as a key player in the industry. Exhibiting provides opportunities to increase visibility and strengthen brand awareness for your company before, during and after the event.

With the skilful use of promotional products at your next event you can gain feedback on your products, make connecting to new clients easier, increase the impact of your brand and your products. Contact us today to get started,