We love working with businesses who want us to help them to make a lasting impression on their clients, which in return will grow their business.

While it is important to choose high end gifts and quality products that will best reflect your corporate values when attempting to make a lasting impression, it is equally important have the product branded to support the desired impression. The branding opportunity on products is often overlooked because people are so busy choosing the perfect product, instead of also thinking about crafting a message that will stick and achieve results with the target audience. You can easily set your promotional range apart from other corporates by upping the design factor in your branding. Make them each a masterpiece that will speak to your target market.

We make sure the products chosen for branding are useful, attractive and relevant to your target market, in view of keeping your brand in your customers hand for a long time. We also help make your campaign successful by crafting messaging which will resonate with your target market. When businesses refresh their branded merchandise range with completely original designs we have found it elevates visibility and the goodwill of that brand.

Tell your story.

It helps massively with brand retention if you tell a story with your graphic designs and in the messaging on your chosen promotional product range. If you’re not able to earn and hold attention, then the entire purpose of your campaign falls flat. Telling a story will get your clients holding onto them and using the chosen products with pride because the message resonates with them, instead of just letting them know your contact details.

Make them feel special with your messaging.

Another way to create impact is to use feel good messaging on your promotional products, as this will help to build your business relationships. Contrary to popular opinion corporate gifts don’t have to be ‘business related’ items. In fact, we find it is much more effective when the product and message choice is more about the customer or staff member receiving the product rather than about the brand.

Promotional products are about furthering your relationship, and making the recipient feel valued special. If it’s to say job well done, we appreciate your business, congratulations, new home celebration, to seal the deal, make an impression or reward your hardworking staff – we can help you craft messaging to make the lasting impression.

Be bold or be bowled out.

Branding effectively on products means boldly express your brands individuality to make the best impression. Products with your brand on then need to be branded with personality instead of with the usual corporate strategy, which is to only brand their logo and contact details on them. Are you flying your own unique flag and making sure you are memorable? Or perhaps you too have been hiding behind your corporate image, branding only your logo and contact details onto products, and ending up looking the same as everyone else?

We are passionate about making working with our clients to get their marketing messages across with personality and style, making your promotional products as meaningful as possible so they hit home with your target market.

Put thought into it all.

Choosing original and distinctive branding will make your recipients stop and think about your marketing message and the value your brand can offer them. When you do this you are taking your branded products from being just another corporate gift at that time of year, to being an absolute show stopper!

If you’re after a range of gifts and promotional products that will give you the best results, all that’s needed is for us to put as much thought and effort into the branding message, as with selecting the product. We can design the whole package with you, to ensure it fits your campaign objectives, budget and brand perfectly. Talk to us today to arrange your next winning promotional product campaign and let’s create maximum impact!!